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These multirotor, rotor, hybrid, fixed-wing, and component manufacturers have already chosen to have their products supported through an established turnkey service program from Robotic Skies®

Why Do These Companies Choose Robotic Skies?

We offer a global network of more than 170 independently owned and operated repair stations across 40 countries. Our proprietary workflow and standardized processes ensure quality across the network. We are trained and certified professionals, and every participating network Service Center is an air-agency (FAA Part 145, CAA, etc.) certified maintenance facility. We ensure reliability and predictability, with quality assurance based on aviation industry practices.

Working with Robotic Skies is like hitting the easy button. It allows us to focus our efforts on sales without being bogged down with service contracts. Let the professionals do what they do best and when it comes to UAV service, Robotic Skies are the professionals.


Jeri Donaldson,

CEO, Flycam UAV

As an OEM of commercial drones for the industry, it’s critical that I can support my customers post-purchase for high quality, reliable maintenance and repairs in their market. Robotic Skies has solved this problem for me, on a global scale.


Salvador Klein,

CEO, Carbonix