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Boeing Invests in Commercial UAS Services Provider Robotic Skies

June 4, 2019

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NBAA Launches New Committee to Support Innovative Technology

Aug. 26, 2019
National Business Aviation Association — NBAA

Brad Hayden, president and CEO of Robotic Skies, will chair of the new Emerging Technologies Committee established by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

"NBAA is soliciting members for its new Emerging Technologies Committee, which will focus on promising aviation technologies like unmanned aircraft systems, urban air mobility, unmanned traffic management, commercial space and other future technologies and infrastructures..."


Aviation Aces — Andy Osantowske of Robotic Skies

July 2019
Patricia Luebke — Avionics News

Andy Osantowske grew up outside Detroit in a blue-collar family with a father who was a general aviation pilot. Along with a radio scanner, Osantowske, his dad, and sister would park the car by Oakland-Pontiac Airport (now Oakland County International Airport), near where they lived in Michigan, and listen to and watch the airplanes take off and land...

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Business Aviation Insider — Mitigating the Risk of UAS Incursions

July 1, 2019
NBAA Business Aviation Insider

“Business aviation is a vital economic contributor, and unmanned commercial aviation is now part of that realm,” said Brad Hayden, president and CEO of Robotic Skies and chair of NBAA’s UAS Working Group. “But we also have to recognize that UAS operators are often new entrants to the aviation industry and have their own unique operational requirements. We need to include them in the discussion.”

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What Does Boeing’s Commitment to UAS Services Mean for the Future of the Airspace?

June 26, 2019
Jeremiah Karpowicz — Commercial UAV News

News about Boeing teaming up with Robotic Skies to guide the future of UAS maintenance was notable for several reasons. Not only does it allow Robotic Skies to help operators of commercial UAS from around the world keep their drones in the air, but it also hints at the future of the airspace, where manned and unmanned aircraft will operate simultaneously.

This future is one that Boeing has supported and worked to enable in various ways over the decades. For Boeing, autonomy is about more than just the latest unmanned product, but what should their investment in Robotic Skies tell us about how and when this future will arrive?

To find out, we connected with Brian Schettler, managing director of Boeing HorizonX Ventures. He explained what this development signifies for the drone industry as a whole, what it means to be able to offer unified operations services and much more...

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Robotic Skies Hires Andy Osantowske as Director of Operation

June 21, 2019

Robotic Skies® Inc., the only global maintenance network for commercial unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”), announced today that it has hired Andy Osantowske as Director of Operations.

Andy is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Robotic Skies global network of maintenance service centers. He holds a private pilot certificate, a remote pilot certificate, and aircraft dispatch license...

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Robotic Skies® and Trumbull Unmanned Partner to Provide Maintenance Services to Trumbull’s Global UAS Operations

June 12, 2019

Robotic Skies® Inc., the only global maintenance network for commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and Trumbull Unmanned, a leader in data and automation in energy and government, announce their partnership to support Trumbull’s global UAS operations through the Robotic Skies service center network. ..

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