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Professional maintenance, repair, and inspection programs to keep commercial and industrial unmanned aircraft systems flying safely and productively.

Local Support on a Global Scale

Convenient local or on-site maintenance, repair, and inspection services for your drone fleet. Help is where you need it through our global network of over 250 Service Centers across 50 countries.


Less Downtime and Lower Program Costs

Local support saves the cost, risk, time, and frustration of shipping systems long distances back to the factory for maintenance or repair.


One Point of Contact

Whether you need an emergency repair in Ohio or an inspection interval is due in California, Robotic Skies is your one contact to coordinate any service you need.


Support That Scales

Looking to expand your drone program? Our flexible global support infrastructure is designed to scale up (or down) as your business needs change.

You've worked hard to get your drone program going.

Don't lose traction with grounded aircraft.

With Robotic Skies:

Professional Maintenance For Professional UAS

More than just another job tool, drones are professional aircraft operating in the national airspace. Protect your assets and mitigate risks with proper maintenance. Our turnkey programs get you up and running quickly.


Aviation-Grade Methods

Everything we do is designed with aviation standards for safety and quality. Your fleet is maintained with the same skill, precision, and reliability as the methods used in traditional aviation.


Consistent Quality

Our Service Centers are FAA Part 145 repair stations already serving the diverse business and general aviation market. Technicians have factory-certified training to work on your systems, giving you a reliable and consistent experience across the network.


Regulatory Expertise

Use our deep regulatory expertise to navigate and ensure compliance with any aviation maintenance related requirement from Civil Aviation Authorities or even your company operations specification.

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Need Help Now?

Make a service request today! Robotic Skies is your “easy button” to keep aircraft safely maintained and ready for service. We’ll inspect and repair your UAS so you’ll be ready for any mission.

For UAS Manufacturers

We’d love to work with you to build a high-quality maintenance and repair service program that elevates your post-sale customer support.

As an OEM of commercial drones for the industry, it’s critical that I can support my customers post-purchase for high quality, reliable maintenance and repairs in their market. Robotic Skies has solved this problem for me, on a global scale.
Stephen Pearce
CEO, Carbonix
Teaming up with Robotic Skies has expanded our ability to provide our customers with professional services that ensure the continued dependability, safety, and long service life of their Acecore systems.
Jorrit Linders
Founder/CEO, Acecore Technologies

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