We are a worldwide brokered network of repair stations with aviation expertise — focusing on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

We Keep You Flying

Over 150 Certified Repair Centers Worldwide
Robotic Skies® keeps you flying with a worldwide brokered network of aviation repair stations. Our network provides the convenience and efficiency of local service, and our service centers are equipped with the expertise, resources, and manufacturer training to provide UAS repairs, maintenance, and upgrades that ensure the productive operation of your unmanned aircraft system.


Minimize Downtime
Drone aircraft that are flying productively increase airframe sales for OEMs and lower costs for fleet and enterprise operations.  Localized, or even on-site service means less downtime, reduced shipping costs and risks, and quicker return to service.


Minimize Liability
By teaming with Robotic Skies, UAS manufacturers and fleet operators can mitigate their liability by providing reliable and dependable maintenance and documentation that meets aviation standards.


we Are here to assist

UAS service and support when and where you need it.



  • Local UAS Maintenance on a Global Scale
  • Customized Maintenance and Repair Solutions
  • Reduce Liability Exposure
  • Efficient On-site or Drop-Off Repair




  • Local UAS Maintenance on a Global Scale
  • Turnkey Maintenance and Repair Solution
  • Reduce Liability Risks
  • Efficient On-Site, Drop-Off, and Ship-In Services

Join Our Expanding Global Network

  • We Find the Business and Bring Work to You
  • Additional Revenue Stream Without Changing Your Business Model
  • Robotic Skies and OEM Training
  • No Franchise Fees or Equipment Costs