Aviation-Grade Maintenance Network for Commercial UAS

Robotic Skies is the first — and only — worldwide network of Service Centers focusing on maintenance for commercial and enterprise Unmanned Aircraft Systems

COVID-19 Safety: Robotic Skies is committed to the health and well-being of our employees, partners, and customers. We continue to provide full maintenance program development support to our OEM partners through video conferencing, and on-site customer visits are carefully evaluated for the safety and protection of everyone involved.

Your UAS Maintenance Connection

Robotic Skies is essential for any drone delivery, autonomous system, or commercial fleet operator needing cost-effective and reliable field service support. We partner with a variety of OEMs to develop standardized maintenance programs based on traditional aviation methodology and designed to meet the unique needs of unmanned aircraft systems. The repair stations in our Service Center network are OEM-certified to maintain your unmanned aircraft in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

Our Global Service Center Network

The Robotic Skies Service Center network is comprised of more than 200 (and growing) independently owned and operated aviation repair stations spanning more than 40 countries.

Our hand-selected Service Centers already maintain aircraft in the business and general aviation markets under FAA Part 145 Repair Station certificates (or the local equivalent) and provide a wealth of experience and capacity for handling a variety of aircraft within a highly regulated environment. Service Centers are OEM-certified through Robotic Skies to maintain your specific UAS.

Operators of large, high-value systems need local access to maintenance services with predictable quality and reliability. Robotic Skies offers a cost-effective solution that aims to keep your aircraft more productive. Local, or even on-site service, reduces the costs and risks of transporting aircraft for repair and accelerates return to service schedules.

Aviation-Grade Maintenance Programs

The integration of commercial UAS into non-segregated airspace requires regulation like manned aviation, which includes certified maintenance. We partner with a variety of OEMs to develop and manage standardized maintenance programs based on traditional aviation best practices that meet the unique needs of unmanned aircraft systems.

Do you operate under an FAA Part 107 waiver? Are you pursuing FAA Part 135 certification for drone delivery services? Are you an OEM on the path to Type Certification? Robotic Skies is your trusted partner for quality maintenance support.

As an OEM of commercial drones for the industry, it’s critical that I can support my customers post-purchase for high quality, reliable maintenance and repairs in their market. Robotic Skies has solved this problem for me, on a global scale.
Salvador Klein
CEO, Carbonix
Teaming up with Robotic Skies has expanded our ability to provide our customers with professional services that ensure the continued dependability, safety, and long service life of their Acecore systems.
Jorrit Linders
Founder/CEO, Acecore Technologies