Be Part of Aviation’s Future

Supporting the commercial Unmanned Aircraft System fleet is a huge job, and you already have the talent and equipment to succeed. Adding UAS maintenance provides an all-new revenue stream for your Part 145 shop and helps you grow.

Want to explore this option further?

If you are looking for new revenue and are willing to learn while serving an emerging industry, please take a look at Robotic Skies. We manage UAS maintenance and repairs for flight departments, companies, and manufacturers, and we work only with Part 145 shops. We already partner with 200 Repair Stations in more than 40 countries, and business is taking off!

You may be just the right shop to expand our worldwide network. No franchise fees. No equipment to buy. Just new revenue.

How it Works

Robotic Skies finds the customers, negotiates the rates, and brings the UAS customers to you. The customers pay us and we pay you. Robotic Skies will train your technicians on specific maintenance procedures, airworthiness practices, and regulatory requirements as they develop, allowing you to capitalize on this emerging opportunity.

The UAS fleet will boom in the next few years and represents stable, growing revenue for you and your facility. Your core aviation business can remain as is, with no changes. Robotic Skies provides more opportunity and more revenue.