​Generate more sales with exceptional aviation-grade customer service

Robotic Skies® is Your Global Partner Providing Local Solutions

Aviation-Grade Customer Service

Commercial UAS manufacturers partner with Robotic Skies to provide their customers the quick, local, and professional services they demand.

Robotic Skies provides local maintenance and repair service to the commercial UAS industry worldwide — via a network of more than 170 certified Service Centers across 40 countries.

Local maintenance solutions through Robotic Skies will keep your customers’ systems flying productively instead of being shipped back and forth to a remote facility for service. This elevated level of service will keep your customers happy and far more likely to become a repeat buyer of your systems.

Give your company a competitive advantage by having trained aviation technicians maintain your aircraft, not as an afterthought in distribution. Let Robotic Skies provide professional customer service to further enhance your company’s reputation and ensure repeat business.

Free Up Resources to Compete

Partnering with Robotic Skies frees up your resources to streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on developing, building, and selling new UAS products while we focus on delivering maintenance services worthy of your aircraft.

Let us be your local, highly-trained hands on the ground to perform maintenance and repair to keep your UAS flying.

Benefits of Partnering with Robotic Skies

  • A turnkey maintenance and repair solution
  • Minimized downtime
  • Preparation for regulatory compliance
  • Liability mitigation