UAS Manufacturers

Turnkey Maintenance Programs

Our network of aviation maintenance professionals provide turnkey field support infrastructure for your growing UAS fleet.

Your Global Partner Providing Local Solutions

Stay focused on developing and selling new products while Robotic Skies delivers professional, aviation-grade maintenance and repair services that assure the ongoing reliability and safety of your unmanned aircraft systems.

With over 250 (and growing) repair stations across 50 countries, the Robotic Skies Service Center Network can easily scale to support your growing business. 

Partner with Robotic Skies and be among the growing list of manufacturers who trust our professional network.

As an OEM of commercial drones for the industry, it’s critical that I can support my customers post-purchase for high quality, reliable maintenance and repairs in their market. Robotic Skies has solved this problem for me, on a global scale.
Stephen Pearce
CEO, Carbonix
Teaming up with Robotic Skies has expanded our ability to provide our customers with professional services that ensure the continued dependability, safety, and long service life of their Acecore systems.
Jorrit Linders
Founder/CEO, Acecore Technologies

Elevate Your Customer Support

When a system is grounded, your customers are missing out on valuable business opportunities. Shipping systems back and forth to remote facilities for repairs can compound the situation with additional expenses and indefinite return to service schedules. Local support through the Robotic Skies network means your customers can stay more productive, getting the help they need faster with less downtime.

With Robotic Skies as your maintenance partner, you add value to the investment in your system. At the same time, you gain a competitive advantage to raise customer satisfaction and drive repeat business.

Expertise You Can Trust

The Robotic Skies team comes equipped with decades of experience in both manned and unmanned aviation. 

Robotic Skies Service Centers are hand-selected from the existing manned aircraft avionics industry. Every Service Center carries maintenance and repair certifications from its local civil aviation authority (an FAA Part 145 repair station certificate or equivalent).

The skill set of professionally-trained avionics installation and repair technicians is uniquely adaptable to drone maintenance and repair. You can feel confident that our network members understand the business of meeting the quality standards set by high-performance aviation equipment manufacturers.

No Maintenance Program?
No Problem.

The Robotic Skies team guides you through the process of establishing a formal maintenance program tailored to your requirements. Our support includes:

  • Preventive maintenance, servicing, and inspection
  • Aircraft-on-ground (AOG) situations
  • Parts logistics
  • Field upgrades
  • Airframe assembly & completion
  • Records management
  • Continued airworthiness

Out-of-the-Box Regulatory Support

As commercial drone mission profiles grow more complex, regulations will more tightly govern these operations. As requirements emerge, we can help you design and deploy maintenance programs to comply with any new regulations.

With the expertise Robotic Skies offers, you can provide exceptional service to your customers through a proactive and safety-focused product support ecosystem.

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