We are a worldwide brokered network of Service Centers with aviation expertise — focusing on UAS

You Deserve Better Customer Service

Commercial UAS operators partner with Robotic Skies® for one reason: to keep their high-performance commercial aircraft in the air

Shipping your unit back to a remote location to be serviced is neither efficient nor economical and can destroy the business case behind investing in your fleet.

Robotic Skies provides local maintenance and repair services to the commercial UAS industry worldwide via a network of more than 170 certified Service Centers across 40 countries.

As a commercial UAS operator, you deserve world-class customer support provided by highly trained aviation technicians — not as an afterthought to sales.

Robotic Skies is the only company providing a turnkey solution to serve the commercial UAS industry built off the backbone of decades of manned aviation experience.

Stop Worrying About Maintenance

The customer support model in today’s commercial UAS industry is broken. In no other industry is it acceptable to spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment, yet have support programs that are slow, unreliable, and costly.

Partnering with Robotic Skies can alleviate all of these challenges and make your program even more successful by keeping your UAS flying.

OEM-Certified Technicians

You have invested significant capital into your fleet, and you want to make sure the support you receive is befitting this investment. The only way to do this is to ensure your maintenance is performed by professionals focused on servicing your UAS, not on selling you a new unit.

Every Robotic Skies technician who works on your UAS is a trained aviation professional, already certified to provide maintenance to the manned aviation industry. Our techs are also authorized by the manufacturer to maintain and repair your aircraft.

The processes and procedures employed by Robotic Skies are founded in decades of experience in the manned aviation industry, and provide the consistency and accountability that nobody else can offer in the commercial UAS industry.

Benefits of Partnering with Robotic Skies

• OEM-certified technicians

• Regulatory preparedness

• Liability mitigation