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Maintenance, inspection, and repair services to maximize the service life of your unmanned aircraft systems.

Turnkey Maintenance Solutions

Robotic Skies is a worldwide maintenance marketplace with a network of Service Centers that deliver the help you need faster and with less downtime. Tap into the power of the network today.

Professional field maintenance and repair

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The decision to invest in high-end systems that you will repair versus replace when damage occurs is a significant step in the development of your unmanned aircraft program.

To protect your investment and keep your UAS operations safe and productive, how will you get the maintenance and repair services you need?

The default customer support model for many manufacturers is to ship systems to and from remote facilities for servicing. The potential for unexpected costs and loss of productivity associated with long-distance support can easily destroy your program’s business case.

Robotic Skies offers a UAS maintenance solution that delivers the professional help you need to the places you fly.

Local Support Minimizes Downtime

As a commercial UAS operator, when your aircraft isn’t flying, you’re missing out on valuable business opportunities. 

With over 250 repair stations spanning 50 countries, the Robotic Skies Service Center Network can quickly scale to support your operations and keep your aircraft more productive. We work with you and your aircraft manufacturer to develop a maintenance plan that meets your needs now and in the future.

We establish the service center relationships on your behalf, and we manage the technician certifications in accordance with factory-approved training. All you have to do is initiate a work order, and the help you need is close at hand.

Full-Range of UAS Fleet Maintenance & Repair Services

Stay focused on mission planning and execution while, behind the scenes, Robotic Skies stands ready to support your flight operations with services that assure the ongoing reliability, safety, and long service life of your UAS. Robotic Skies support for commercial and enterprise unmanned aircraft operators includes:

  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Priority aircraft on ground (AOG) repairs
  • Inspection intervals
  • Field upgrades
  • Recordkeeping
  • Continued airworthiness

Peace of Mind for Program Managers

The airworthiness of unmanned aircraft is ultimately the responsibility of the operator. Taking a proactive and formal approach to your maintenance program is good business practice and forms the foundation for a strong safety record.

For UAS program managers who don’t have the in-house expertise or resources for maintenance, especially for more complex repairs, Robotic Skies is your trusted partner to properly inspect, repair, and return aircraft to service according to the manufacturer’s guidance.

How Robotic Skies Works

Whether you are a UAS program manager within an organization or an integrated drone-as-a-service operator, we partner with you and your system manufacturer to establish a professional and customized maintenance program. The Robotic Skies team leads each step of the process.

Evaluate your maintenance needs

Activate your local Service Centers

You pay as work is performed
No upfront costs

Evaluate your maintenance needs

Activate your local Service Centers

You pay as work is performed
No upfront costs

Hand-Selected Service Centers

Robotic Skies Service Centers are hand-selected from the existing aircraft avionics sales and service industry.

High-performance unmanned aircraft components routinely mirror those found in manned aircraft, including sophisticated avionics, airframes and power systems, software networks, GPS systems, and sensor payloads. These shared elements make the skill set of professionally trained avionics installation and repair technicians uniquely adaptable to drone maintenance and repair.

Every Service Center carries maintenance and repair certificates from its local civil aviation authority (an FAA Part 145 repair station certificate or equivalent).

In-House Robotic Skies Technicians

Our Operations team offers a powerful combination of government, military, and business aviation experience to help guide and manage maintenance programs.

Every Robotic Skies technician who works on your UAS is a trained aviation professional authorized by the manufacturer to maintain and repair your aircraft.

You can feel confident that our in-house team, as well as our network members, understand the business of meeting the quality and safety standards set by high-performance aviation equipment manufacturers.

Your Partner In Regulatory Readiness

As commercial unmanned mission profiles grow ever more complex, regulations will more tightly govern operations. They will include requirements that operators establish how and when they will perform and document aircraft inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Robotic Skies provides the expertise you need to navigate this evolving regulatory landscape.

Through participation in key committees at the NBAA, ASTM, and GAMA, the Robotic Skies team actively develops industry guidance for the safe integration of commercial unmanned systems.

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