Reap the Benefits of our global Network

We offer the only worldwide brokered network of

aviation-certified UAS repair stations.

Local UAS Maintenance
on a Global Scale

Robotic Skies® is Your Global Partner
Providing Local Solutions

Service your customers’ UAS fleets using Robotic Skies’ worldwide network of more than 150 certified repair stations across 35 countries. Our customers gain the competitive advantage of Robotic Skies’ localized access to expert aviation maintenance, inspection, repair, and upgrade services. Partnering with us ensures productive UAS operations with minimum downtime.

Globally, regulations are moving toward mandated certified UAS maintenance, especially as mission profiles become more complex. Robotic Skies’ network of service centers are positioned to meet any regulatory requirements as they evolve.

Turnkey Maintenance and Repair Solution

In this competitive market, Robotic Skies offers an economical, professional solution for UAS maintenance — getting your products to market more quickly with limited capital investment on your part. Leveraging our experience, we build a consistent, quality-driven maintenance program tailored to your specific requirements.

Reduce Liability Risks

Robotic Skies helps manufacturers and fleet operators mitigate liability by providing UAS maintenance services performed by certified aviation technicians, leveraging best practices from manned aerospace. Our processes ensure each job is traceable and all record keeping is complete to both regulatory and customer specifications.

Efficient On-Site, Drop-Off, and Ship-In Services

Local and on-site parts and maintenance minimizes fleet downtime and operational expenses. We also provide full service depot repair and inventory management. Any one of the worldwide Robotic Skies Service Centers can quickly get your customer‘s UAS back in the air.

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Reap the Benefits of our Worldwide Network