Acecore Technologies Selects Robotic Skies for UAS Maintenance Support

OSS, NETHERLANDS – Acecore Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of professional-grade unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), announced today that the company partnered with Robotic Skies Inc, the only certified global maintenance network for commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), to provide customers with full-service maintenance and field repair support for Acecore’s Neo and Zoe platforms.

“Ever since we sold the first Neo in 2013, we have believed that durability is key in our solutions. If you’re buying a second Acecore drone, it’s because your operation is scaling. Not because the previous one has failed you,” said Jorrit Linders, President and Technical Engineer at Acecore. “Our partnership with Robotic Skies expands our ability to provide customers with professional services that ensure the continued dependability, safety, and long service life of their Neo or Zoe system.”

“Robotic Skies is pleased to partner with Acecore to provide additional infrastructure and services that will enhance the company’s customer support program,” said Brad Hayden, founder and CEO of Robotic Skies. “As commercial UAS operations gain complexity, regulatory bodies will require manufacturers and operators to demonstrate compliance with existing aviation maintenance safety standards. Robotic Skies provides this assurance for Acecore and its customers.”

The certified repair stations that comprise the Robotic Skies Service Center network employ the quality, standards, and practices of manned aviation maintenance in the unmanned aviation market. Robotic Skies services include routine and field maintenance, inspections, upgrades, and aircraft on ground (AOG) support.

Acecore Technologies uses the highest quality materials to design and build the Neo and Zoe UAVs for the discerning operator. Both platforms meet the demands of challenging weather conditions and operating with heavy payloads. Acecore’s radio link uses AES 128 encryption for added security, and both aircraft are FAA ADS-B mandate compliant. Critical components can be equipped with triple redundancy to ensure a successful and reliable return to home function.

As part of the Acecore Technologies customer success program, customers who fly the Neo and Zoe UAS will have access to preventive maintenance and repair services no matter where in the world they operate via the global Robotic Skies Service Center network.

About AceCore Technologies

Founded in 2013, Acecore Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for cinema and creative, industrial, and security markets. Based in The Netherlands, Acecore uses only locally sourced materials and OEM components. The Neo and Zoe are proudly designed as functional, safe, and beautiful European-built UAVs. Building drones is what we love, pushing the limits is what we do. Learn more at