Carbonix Partners with Global UAV Maintenance Provider Robotic Skies

Australian UAV manufacturer Carbonix ( announced it has partnered with global UAV maintenance supplier Robotic Skies, giving customers access to a worldwide network of more than 150 certified repair stations across 35 countries.

As the first drone manufacturer to commercialize a sub 25kg powered-lift drone into the Australian market in 2017, Carbonix has been looking for a global UAV maintenance specialist with the aviation skills and global network backing to support its international sales demand.

Robotic Skies has localized access to expert aviation maintenance, inspection, repair, and upgrade services, and Carbonix customers will be able to receive customized maintenance solutions anywhere in the world.

Robotic Skies is committed to meet regulatory requirements around the world and offers a depth of highly technical, process-driven maintenance services with full records available to customers.

Carbonix manufactures next generation UAV systems for industry and defense applications around the world. With Carbonix, UAV airframes are manufactured in-house in Australia using advanced composite materials, and with all core avionic systems designed, developed and tested by Carbonix engineers, Carbonix is one of the leading drone manufacturers servicing commercial mission applications. Carbonix customers value long endurance, long range, powered-lift capabilities, and high-end sensor compatibility.

Carbonix executive general manager Jeff Eager said it was critical to find a maintenance supplier that could uphold Carbonix’s high end technical requirements for high value customers. “Carbonix customers need professional service, low downtime, and exceptional record-keeping from any maintenance supplier,” Mr. Eager said. “Whilst our Australian customers love being able to deal with a local manufacturer for service and customization instead of China, Europe or South Africa, our international customers needed the same level of convenience with no compromise in quality. Robotic Skies is an absolute industry leader when it comes to UAV maintenance and we are thrilled to be able to join their network of UAV manufacturers.”

Robotic Skies CEO Brad Hayden comments that maintenance partnerships are only possible when both manufacturer and maintenance provider have the documentation, processes and certification to ensure seamless support at every stage, and Robotic Skies is able to give Carbonix access to a global service network. “We are excited to be working with yet another world-class unmanned aviation company in Carbonix, and to be supporting their high-performance systems through our global network of Service Centers,” Mr. Hayden said.