Field Maintenance and Repair for service-drone USA Awarded to Robotic Skies

Service-drone USA, a German manufacturer of industrial-grade multirotor unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has selected Robotic Skies as its maintenance and repair provider for its airframes. Like all Robotic Skies customers, service-drone USA will receive customized service, troubleshooting, and field repair of its UASs throughout the United States and Canada. The Robotic Skies Service Center network is comprised of only the best FAA Part 145 Repair Stations and Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organizations, who have decades of experience maintaining the manned aircraft fleet.

“In Europe, our robust, mission-proven, high-performance MULTIROTOR line is used in a wide range of commercial applications from surveying to wind turbine inspection, and from agriculture to cinematographic film and television,” said Dr. Bernd Lutz, CEO of service-drone USA. “While our multirotors are durable and operate effectively and reliably in even the harshest environments, we realize that every airframe needs repair and service over time. We are confident that Robotic Skies, with its comprehensive network of aviation maintenance professionals, can provide the level of service our customers expect from a company like service-drone.”

service-drone USA will select the optimal maintenance program for their UAS fleet, managed via the cloud-based Robotic Skies Service Software. The service software allows manufacturers to track the ongoing maintenance of their UAS’ airframes throughout the life of the craft, no matter where they are serviced within the Robotic Skies network. In addition, the service software provides invaluable performance and reliability data back to the manufacturer, where the information can be used as a basis for future airworthiness certifications and product enhancements.

“The potential for the UAS market is enormous, and the emerging commercial UAS fleet will need ongoing inspections, repair, and maintenance to assure reliability and safety,” said Brad Hayden, President and CEO of Robotic Skies. “service-drone USA and its customers will have the benefit of nationwide access to highly skilled and experienced aviation professionals to keep their UASs airborne.”

About service-drone USA

service-drone USA ( is based in Boulder, Colorado, and is the United States and Americas distributor of Berlin, Germany-based service-drone GmbH. The company manufactures the MULTIROTOR, which is currently being used in a wide range of applications with over 400 of them in demanding commercial environments in Europe. An immediate goal of service-drone USA is to formally incorporate their UASs into the national airspace of the United States.

About Robotic Skies

Robotic Skies ( is a nationwide network of Service Centers that are optimized to provide certification, maintenance and repair for the emerging commercial drone fleet.

Drawing on only the best FAA Part 145 Repair Stations and Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organizations that currently maintain the manned aviation fleet, Robotic Skies offers a comprehensive turnkey field service program designed to keep drones flying safely — and affordably.

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