Robotic Skies Establishes New Headquarters in Utah

Expands Service Offerings for Commercial Drone Maintenance Network

Robotic Skies, Inc, a global marketplace for professional commercial drone maintenance and repair services, announced its new headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The facility centralizes company operations and advances its service capabilities, including onboarding, training, and logistics support for marketplace partners. In addition, the location provides a testbed environment to optimize new drone maintenance solutions for deployment through the Robotic Skies Service Center network.

“We’re excited about the expanded capacity our new facility provides to grow our service offerings with logistics, assembly, and depot-based fleet maintenance for UAS. It is also our primary venue to host in-person workshops and live remote training and support for our OEM and Service Center network partners,” said Brad Hayden, Founder and CEO of Robotic Skies. “We work with our marketplace partners to standardize factory-approved training and documentation on how to assemble, inspect, maintain, and repair professional-grade UAS. Establishing this centralized onboarding facility is key to our strategy for consistently replicating these processes throughout our global service network and providing a safe and reliable customer experience.”

The FAA forecasts hundreds of thousands of professional-grade commercial drones in operation by 2025. Tapping into the existing aviation maintenance infrastructure accelerates industry readiness for the support needs of a fleet this size; Robotic Skies is the only organization addressing this at a global level.

Mr. Hayden added: “Robotic Skies is building a unique and vital global maintenance ecosystem that supports the safe integration of these next-generation aircraft into our daily lives. We recognize risk mitigation is more critical than ever to meet safety and performance standards, and we’re meeting that head-on with a path to turnkey maintenance solutions that support UAS airworthiness criteria.”

Mr. Hayden advocates for the safe integration of next-generation aircraft into existing global flight operations through various industry efforts. In January 2021, he received an appointment to a seat on the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee. He also Chairs the National Business Aviation Association’s Emerging Technology Committee and the ASTM Subcommittee F46.06 on Autonomous and Electric Aircraft Maintenance Personnel.

Robotic Skies serves the commercial drone industry with maintenance, inspection, and repair services through its network of over 225 quality-controlled Service Centers across 50 countries. The company’s proprietary methods combine expertise in both traditional and next-generation aircraft maintenance to provide comprehensive turnkey field service programs for UAS fleets worldwide.

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About Robotic Skies, Inc

Robotic Skies serves the commercial drone and advanced air mobility industry with professional maintenance, inspection, and repair services through its network of over 225 quality-controlled Service Centers across 50 countries. Our turnkey field service programs are flexible, scalable, and meet any regulatory maintenance requirement for complex commercial drone operations like autonomous package delivery and beyond-line-of-sight missions.