Spectral Sky Latest Addition to Robotic Skies Growing Client Base

Spectral Sky has selected Robotic Skies to provide maintenance worldwide for its unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) products. Robotic Skies will provide Spectral Sky with customer service, spares and technical support, and a customized warranty program through its more than 100 Service Centers around the world. Robotic Skies technicians have also provided design engineering and integration services in the development of the Spectral Sky flagship product, the SS-300M Atlas, that was unveiled this week.

Spectral Sky, a commercial spin-off of Unmanned Systems Inc., will soon be competing aggressively in the exploding business sector of aerial data-collection, real-time reconnaissance, and customized data delivery for commercial clients and government agencies.

“Spectral Sky’s unique commercial strengths lie in leveraging decades of military and industrial experience in Predator-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms, and rapid prototyping to keep pace with evolving sensor and data-link technologies — that yield best technology for customers and low operational costs associated with flying sensor payloads and subsequent data parsing, analysis, and storage,” said Spectral Sky CEO Bill Reynolds.

Spectral Sky recently announced successful final flight testing of its new 4,550 gross weight SS-300M Atlas, that features a single onboard or remote pilot and ground-based sensor operator, pressurization, turboprop power (P&W PT-6A-135A), with up to 20 hours loiter and top speed of 300 knots. Atlas joins the SS-100A in Spectral Sky’s suite of mid-weight, low-cost, open-source, and inter-operable airborne data collection platforms.

“Although it’s a new company, Spectral Sky brings decades of UAS experience to this community,” said Robotic Skies CEO and President Brad Hayden. “We look forward to being the maintenance arm for Spectral Sky’s team of UAV developers, operators, technologists, international marketing and public affairs professionals.”