AirShip Chooses Robotic Skies for UAS Global Maintenance and Support

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been formalized between AirShip Technologies Group, Inc. and Robotic Skies, LLC, which forms the framework for global support services for AirShip customers worldwide. AirShip Technologies Group, Inc. ( based in Oregon, and Robotic Skies ( based in Nevada, are now working together to assure certified service, repair and maintenance services are available to AirShip customers, wherever they are located, both domestically or globally.

Both companies will work together to create a Service Center network to complete and support AirShip products, the V1 through V9 UAS. (Unmanned Aircraft Systems are an aircraft and its associated elements, operated with no pilot on-board.)

According to AirShip CEO Ben Berry, “this is the greatest assurance to our worldwide customers, that their UASs will be ready and able for rapid deployment. It will also give the level of service support we were looking for; from great, proven and highly-experienced aviation professionals.”

Robotic Skies CEO Brad Hayden has this to say about the new collaboration, “AirShip Technologies is building a high performance platform that is designed from the ground up to be fully certifiable aircraft.  Their UASs are a natural fit for our maintenance network’s service offerings, and we look forward to supporting AirShip’s customers around the world.”

Both companies are committed to providing the finest and fittest fleet of UASs, to tackle many new challenges moving into the future. UASs need to fly in all sorts of weather conditions, and the operational stress placed on them needs to be mitigated by regular service and maintenance. Robotic Skies is recognized as a leader in aviation preparedness, and now will be a frontrunner in the new UAS industry as it unfolds and takes shape.

Robotic Skies provides fabrication, completion, integration, certification, inspections and maintenance services of UASs through its network of more than eighty Service Centers around the world. Robotic Skies will follow AirShip’s guidelines to determine customer warranty entitlement, regulatory compliance documentation and technical troubleshooting, maintenance, and return-to-service procedures when servicing AirShip’s full line of UAS products.

This MOU is another step forward for AirShip. The company is actively negotiating with major commercial, government, and NGO entities in India, South Korea, Chad, Europe and the Middle East to provide fleets of its V1 through V9 line of clean tech, VTOL long flight endurance AirShips.