Marques Aviation Partners with Robotic Skies for Global Maintenance

Marques Aviation Ltd ( has partnered with Robotic Skies to develop and implement a global maintenance plan for the Marques line of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) products. As part of the agreement, Robotic Skies will provide warranty program and field support management for Marques customers through the Robotic Skies network of Service Centers around the globe.

Marques Aviation Ltd is a global aerospace company that provides innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned aircraft systems to government and commercial clients worldwide.  With more than 30 years’ accumulated experience in aircraft design, the philosophy underlying engineering practice at Marques Aviation Ltd emphasizes innovation to develop advanced high-performance unmanned aircraft. Its stated mission is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, delivering superior capability and maximized cost efficiency.

Robotic Skies is a worldwide network of 130 repair stations that have the aviation expertise and factory training to provide inspections and maintenance that ensure the mission readiness of commercial unmanned aircraft systems. Drawing on only the best FAA and aviation authority approved maintenance organizations that currently maintain manned aircraft, Robotic Skies offers comprehensive turnkey field service programs designed to keep UAS flying safely, efficiently, and affordably.

“Robotic Skies is well positioned to serve a global company such as Marques Aviation” said Robotic Skies President and CEO Brad Hayden. “Our multi-continent network of Service Centers is ready to provide Marques and its customers aviation-grade maintenance and repair services.”

Marques Aviation markets the MA THOR SolarLight, a lightweight, solar-fuel cells hybrid-propulsion UAS that can loiter above regions for several days, using solar panels on the wings which provide the aircraft with extreme endurance. The MA THOR Twin is a cost-effective solution for any type of persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); area dominance; ground support; and maritime patrol mission. Designed for minimal maintenance, the MA THOR Twin UAS program aims to develop a highly mission effective system with low life cycle costs.

Based in Southport, United Kingdom, Marques Aviation Ltd has business presence worldwide including technical and sales representation in Canada, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, and the United States.