"Josh Nattress and Brad Hayden of Robotic Skies are featured in Avionics News

Robotic Skies talks UAV regulation with Avionics News

The latest edition of Avionics News features quotes and photography from Robotic Skies, a Utah based global UAV Maintenance Network.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is addressing the complexities of incorporating drone and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) operations into the national airspace system, particularly focusing on operations “at scale.” This involves transitioning from individual waivers to managing numerous simultaneous drone and eVTOL operations over expansive areas. Brad Hayden of Robotic Skies was quoted for the article.

Brad Hayden, founder and CEO of AEA member company Robotic Skies, said the FAA’s plan to issue a BVLOS NPRM and develop a rule is the most positive development he has seen from the agency in his eight years focused on the drone sector. His company partners with manufacturers of high-end unmanned aircraft, mostly small drones under 55 pounds. Robotic Skies helps these companies implement field maintenance plans working through a network of service centers, including many AEA members.

TOP: Josh Nattress, VP Operations for Robotic Skies, speaks inside the AEA Orlando Convention Hall in April. ( AEA Photo )

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